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Learn The Art Of Making Viral Video Content With These 8 Tips

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A viral video is the most profitable way to market a business. Many people think that delivering a viral video is a difficult job.

However, it is not so. You can easily make a creative video in a few minutes.

For starters, make sure that the video is at least less than 5 minutes. Thereafter, you have to learn about the latest trends and incorporate them into your video. Apart from that, there are many other factors that you need to consider to make the video go viral.

8 Helpful Tips to Create a Viral Video 

Viral videos are the best aspect of digital marketing. It is known that most online users consume content in the form of videos. Therefore, you can divert a lot of business your way if you do it the right way. Here, we will be providing some useful tips to help create a viral video.

Market research

As a first step, you have to perform in-depth market research. Discover and explore the latest and existing trends. Apart from that, check out the past viral videos, your competitors, and the current viral videos.


This way, you will gain insight into why and how videos become viral. Learn how they created a trend or what qualities made them go viral and note it down. You’ll later incorporate these traits into your videos.

Tell a Story Through Your Video

While some videos go viral due to meaningless content, many others go viral because they tell a story. Your aim should be to convey a story that resonates with the audience.

Make sure the story is relevant to the product or service you’re selling and pitch it accordingly. You can add distinct elements to make it emotional, funny, intriguing, or inspirational. Incorporate these traits, and there will be higher chances of your videos becoming viral on the Internet.


Don’t Try Too Hard

Most companies make the mistake of going the extra mile to try and make their videos go viral. Unfortunately, online viewers can easily distinguish when your videos are overly trying to be funny or relevant in today’s age. Your video will be labeled as ‘cringe’ if you try too hard.

Stay true to your brand and make your videos organic. Add some value to your videos to capture the audience.

You can add fun effects, intriguing transitions, or other cool additions with the help of online tools like VideoCreek’s free video editor. In short, try to do all that you can but do not overdo it. We recommend that you create the original script and stick to it.

Use Visuals

A video is the most communicative form of conveying your product or service. It is not textual or a simple infographic. Videos are the most versatile digital medium to provide viral content.

Hence, use visuals to your advantage and make it as creative as you can. You can add video effects or just go for picturesque comedy. Powerful visuals can certainly do wonders to make your video viral.

Create a new trend

Contradictory to the first point of doing market research on the latest trends, you can try to create your own. This may seem like a difficult task, but it can work wonders if you succeed.

With so many content types, viewers look for something that stands out despite all the similarities. Try to use creativity and make an everlasting impact on them. In addition to that, focus more on organic success and encourage the audience to share it further.

Also, try to leave the content open-ended. Showing a full storyline may not be a bad idea, but dial down for lengthy intros. You can use free online tools to make cool intros. Make sure that the first 20-30 seconds of your video are enough to catch the viewer’s attention.

Make video Shareable

As mentioned earlier, don’t forget to add some value to your videos to make them shareable. This will urge viewers to share it within their groups if they find something valuable.

It can be the humour, information, emotion, or other values that they connect with. Also, make sure that your content is visible to your target audience.

You can do so by posting the video on large platforms and then sharing it within your niche. Hence, you can host your video on YouTube and further share it on Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter.

Make sure you do not ask your audience to do so. Incorporating meaningful content into your videos should allow them to do it themselves.

You can also try blogging about your videos and urge users to do the same. This can be done by contacting some influencers on social media.

Evaluate and improve

Try to evaluate the statistics and improve with time. Do not rush immediately to see whether your video went viral or not.

Keep in mind that videos can’t go viral overnight. Instead of checking it repeatedly, try to come up with more creative ideas.

Also, go through the footage and see what clicks and what doesn’t. In addition to that, check for comments and other stuff too. Just like any other entity, timing matters as well. You need to upload your video in a particular time slot so that it reaches the targeted audience.

Incorporate SEO

Always do your SEO research as well. Here, you need to get organized with all the keywords, titles, hashtags, and meta descriptions to help the content get ranked on Google.

Research and try to implement SEO tactics to promote your content in an organic way. You can also try inorganic methods by doing paid promotions. With little investment, you can certainly rank your video in a good way and make it viral.


To summarize, making a viral video may seem difficult but is not entirely so. Focus on being creative, and carry out proper research to learn about the latest trends.

Moreover, making videos is highly profitable, and it helps to effectively capture the target market. Hence, it is quite profitable.

Also, keep in mind that not every video will go viral. Let your creativity run wild, and you will surely be able to reach your goal.

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