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Must Read Rules & Conditions before Investing in any MLM/Hype Plan : –

  • We cannot guarantee any profits from the sites, we are not the admin of any of them, we are users like you. You should investigate the sites yourselves, too. So, if you lose money on these sites, it is your own money, own risk. Site owners may scam you, you should be careful while investing your cash. It is your responsibility to decide and invest in sites that we introduce. Never invest the amounts that you can’t afford to lose. Never invest in sites that you do not investigate yourself and trust on your own.
  • The results that we show on Tricksbot are typical. You may not earn as much as we earn or you can earn more then we earn. It totally depends on work.
  • We guarantee to pay you the promised percentage/discount of referral commission back.
  • We pay only when we withdraw your commissions from the introduced site. So, it depends on the duration of the withdrawal from the site.
  • Users should submit their “username, amount of investment, payment method used, details of the payment method (bank details, btc address, PayPal id or paytm number etc to pay you back) by contact us page.
  • “Tricksbot” may change the Referral Commission Back (RCB) amount or edit the post without prior notice to participants.

By visiting our site or by registering the sites with our referral links, you have to read and understood these simple rules.



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