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Clever And Useful Social Media Strategies To Enjoy The Best Results

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Whether you own a business or aspire to be a successful social media influencer, backing your social content with a strong promotional strategy is an effective way to grow your profile. This is even more important, if you have a low or no marketing budgets, and are looking to grow your profile the organic way. Adopting some simple ground rules can help your break through the clutter, and let your brand shine.

Social Media Strategies

You Don’t To Be On Every Platform

With so many social channels to choose from, brands try to be everywhere and end up doing a poor job of managing their social profiles. Instead, evaluate which social platforms can work best for you depending on your audience and outcomes you are looking for. Grow your social footprint with care, and do an excellent job of managing the channels you do have.

Complete All Social Profiles

The devil lies in the details and making sure you complete all social profiles in a way that helps your followers learn more about you, is non-negotiable. Digital footprints say a lot about your brand, so fill all the fields correctly. Based on the vibe, image, and nature of your brand, make sure the language and creatives used, best represents you.

Make sure your website and contact details are mentioned correctly. An incorrect contact number can lead to loss of business. It may sound like a hygiene factor, but you’d be surprised at how many businesses get careless about things that seem pretty straightforward.

Customize Voice And Content

The audiences across platforms are unique in terms of age, professions, vibe, and purpose. That’s why it’s really important to flip the content for different channels, so it complements the character of that platform. For instance, visual content is a great fit for Instagram and YouTube, while important company announcements and press mentions are better received on twitter. LinkedIn is a great place to focus on business to business communication, recruitment, and pushing relevant products.

Play With Hashtags

No matter which platform you use, hashtags enable your content to be searched easily. So have a list of standard hashtags that resonate with your brand and content, which you can use.

Some brands have turned their taglines into hashtags, which go out with every post, so it’s easy to search for all posts connected to the brand’s spirit. One great example is Nike’s #JustDoIt hashtag. Also, keep an eye for trending hashtags, that can get your post more instant traction.

Leverage Power of Video

One of the most powerful ways to promote your brand, a product, or a story is to create crisp videos with amazing storytelling. Even if you have no editing skills, tolls like Invideo’s slideshow maker make it really easy to churn out professionally cut, slick videos in no time.

The best videos communicate your message within two to three minutes, or even less. Having subtitles increases traction, as many people tend to watch videos without any sound.

Highlight the Call-To-Action

Another important part of every post or piece of content is put out, making sure that the call-to-action is displayed prominently and that it is also framed in a way that motivates followers to take action.

For example, if the call to action is downloading an app or buying a product, this messaging must be displayed clearly in your post. VideoCreek’s outro maker is a great tool you can leverage, especially for videos that need a powerful ending.

Take Social Icons Seriously

Whether you run a blog, have a website, or send out a weekly newsletter, make sure your social icons are prominently visible everywhere. Clients, customers, followers, journalists, and other stakeholders should be able to easily follow your social channels.

These days it’s easy to also customize social icons to include brand colors or show support for a trending movement or cause. For example, many brands use pride colors during Pride Month. Another great space to display social icons is in the signature of your emails. It looks great, shows your love for your brand, and also draws traffic to your social channels.

Run Awesome Campaigns

Campaigns that align with an important social cause, or have a strong message always resonate with your followers. Make sure it has a connection to your brand and goes with the overall vibe. Also, keep it authentic, as authenticity drives conversations.

For example, a fashion brand running a campaign on sustainable fashion is a great fit, or a technology brand celebrating women technologists as part of a diversity campaign. Choose a unique hashtag, so you can track its performance and impact. Introducing live activities like chats and webinars can also add more depth to your campaigns and rope in influencers to help further amplify it.

Keep It Fun

Who doesn’t love a good giveaway? Hosting contests and other fun activities that have some sort of giveaway always creates excitement. This is also a great way to grow some organic user-generated content that connects and celebrates your brand. The giveaway doesn’t always have to be a physical gift. It can also be an opportunity for recognition, free advice, or offer something of unique value.

Leverage User Love

Every brand – whether a business or influencer – has unique fans who swear by it. Cultivating a user love program, or what used to be known as a loyalty program is a great way to inspire fans to evangelize your brand. Having a mix of giveaways, recognition, spotlights, and fan engagement opportunities can work as great motivation. However, make sure you the outcomes you expect are clear, and that your user community can take action in a seamless, fun way.

Stay Consistent

Building a social media footprint takes effort and persistence. It may take some time to build and engage audiences and translate this into business outcomes. Keeping track of your progress via analytics on each platform, and weighing it against the effort being put in, will help you crystalize your strategy further and grow your presence to be cohesive and in-line with your brand’s overall mission.

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