Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner

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Hello Friends, In this post, i will tell you the Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tricks that you Should Try & do get  Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, easily. Many people are not aware of these tips & tricks that’s why they don’t get Chicken Dinner.

The gameplay is very simple but it needs skills. It is very easy to get the Chicken Dinner in any match if you keep below tricks in your mind.

Top 10 PUBG Mobile Tips/Tricks To Get Chicken Dinner

New players who recently start playing PUBG face too many problems in winning the match. So follow below mentioned Best PUBG Ways to win the match easily. No matter if you are playing Solo, Duo or in Squad. Keep these tricks in your mind while always playing a match. 

1- Make Yourself a Tough Target

It is hard to shoot a moving target & many players forget to move while they are shot at. Make yourself movable during the time of combat so that you can dodge some bullets & shoot the enemy.

You can run around in random motions, twirl or jump. This will make it difficult for the target to shoot.

pubg killing way

2- Customize Controls

Customize your controls according to your habits. You can change controls in the settings option in PUBG Mobile App & get yourself used to them. This will make you strong & you can react in microseconds to any obstruction.

pubg control trick

3- Use Eye Symbol

There is an eye symbol shown on the top of your screen to navigate & to watch your back.

Use that symbol to see whether anyone is attacking you from the back or from the sideways. It is very useful to survive.


4- Disable Auto Pick & Pick What You Need

An auto pick is an option for new users & this is really disadvantageous at many times. Carrying heavy & bulky bags will help your enemies spot you & shoot you easily.

Only Pick the items that you need. This will make your bag have free space.

pubg setting disable autopick

5- Choose Safely Where to Land on the Map

Many players may suggest you land in large areas like Los Leones, Boot Camp, Pochinki, or Military Base. But with more amount of weapons, there are many other players that will too land on the same land.

There will be extreme competition for survival. But if you land on spots like the Camp Charlie, Mansion, Malta, etc. You can loot restful & can defend yourself from the survivors of Lost Leon’s, Pochinki.

how to land pubg

6- Take a Deep Breath

Swimming is a very risky task to do in PUBG Mobile Game. You cannot use your weapons or cannot run away as well.

So, we will recommend that be inside the water all the time & swim. “Come up for a moment for some air and dive down immediately”. This will raise your chances of survival & no one can spot you easily.


7- Have Energy Drinks & Painkillers to Run

Many players don’t know about this tip if you will drink energy drinks & take painkillers you will run faster. This is a useful thing that will help you when you are running inside the survival zone.

pubg 2019 mod

8- Lay Low & be a Dodger

It is the most important skill to achieve. You should know where to lay low & watch other players fight.

This will help your chances the most. Always fire when the target is in field else it may know your location.

Moreover, use the peek & fire option. This option allows you to hide as well as fire from a safer location. “Your chances will increase if you lay low when the heat in the match is sky high”.

lay low pubg

9- Changing Seats while Driving

When you are driving a vehicle & you see an enemy firing at you. Change your direction towards the enemy & change your seat.

Then peek outside the window & fire at the enemy, it will give you a position to fire. “You will be never a target of the enemies as they will be firing on the driver’s seat.”


10- Always Mic on

Turn on your mic to world chat so that you can hear all the players in the game. This will give you an awareness of what is happening in the game & you can prepare yourself for an upcoming motion of enemies.

This is really helpful many times.

pubg mic on trick

Final Words

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Comment below which of the tricks were helpful to you & which weren’t!

Also, Comment Your Own Trick, we will add your trick in our post with your pubg id.

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