FlexiSPY – An In-depth Review on the Best Mobile Spy App

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What is FlexiSPY?

FlexiSPY is a top-notch monitoring software for computer and mobile devices. It is designed to be installed in various operating systems. The core function of this software is to secretly record things that are happening in the devices that it is installed in. After recording, FlexiSPY sends these records to a web account where you will be able to access these records anytime.

However, you will not be able to monitor the device without installing this app in the device itself. It will require you to gain physical access to the device in order to install FlexiSPY in it. Which is why FlexiSPY also offers FlexiSPY EXPRESS, it allows you to buy a phone that already has FlexiSPY installed in it & get it delivered to your doorstep.

flexispy review

Many reputable online security blogs rated Flexispy highly in their review.

The FlexiSPY software is available in two versions, Premium and Extreme. The Premium version of FlexiSPY only has the basic features that are commonly found in other monitoring software. The Extreme version offers features such as listening to phone calls and sending fake text messages.

FlexiSPY Premium

The FlexiSPY Premium version allows you to gain access to usernames & passwords with the keylogger feature. FlexiSPY Premium can also track the GPS location of the device & the location history. It can also remotely take screenshots of the apps that it is using and also get notified when the device gets a message with specific words.

FlexiSPY Extreme

The FlexiSPY Extreme version has features that are not commonly seen in any monitoring software. It includes features such as live call interception, call recording, SpyCall that can listen to the surroundings of the device, ambient recording, get a SIM change notification and also take photos remotely from the device.

The live call interception feature allows you to intercept calls that are going in and out of the targeted device. The user of that device will not be able to notice it as well, as you intercept the calls, your device will be muted so nobody will realise that there is a third party in the call.

The call recording function enables you to record calls going in and out of the device and also lets you record incoming and outgoing calls to specific numbers only. WhatsApp & Skype calls can also be recorded as well. The recordings will then be uploaded to your FlexiSPY account and you will be able to download these recordings.

The SpyCall feature is like bugging the device. The device’s microphone is secretly turned on which allows you to listen to anything that is going on around the device and you can. The ambient recording feature also allows you to record it without the user of the device knowing. Besides that, you will be able to take photos from the device’s camera remotely.

The device’s user might want to cover their tracks by changing their SIM sim card. If the SIM card is changed, you will not be able to track the device’s calls. To deal with a situation like this, FlexiSPY Extreme notifies you that the SIM card of the device is changed & you will be able to know the new number of the device to continue tracking the calls.


You might worry that after installing the FlexiSPY software on the device, the user of that device might notice it. On the contrary, the user will not be able to notice the FlexiSPY app because there is a function in the app itself that allows for the removal of the icon making it invisible to the user of that device.


Being one of the biggest “spy-app” for phones, many people will be wondering whether it is legal to install monitoring software like FlexiSPY. It is legal for parents to check on their child’s phone activity in most countries. Employers also have the right to monitor the activities in employee-owned devices, to make sure that employees are using the device for work purposes.

Laws vary for every country so it is important to check the laws of the region that you stay in before installing FlexiSPY. It may be legal to install FlexiSPY on children or employee’s employer-owned devices but it is illegal to install it on a device that is owned by others.

Customer service

FlexiSPY does not only provide top-notch monitoring software, but they also have very good customer support. FlexiSPY has 24/7 live chat support and phone support for customers that have issues with the FlexiSPY app. Besides that, they also offer email ticket support for users that have issues.

When customers report an issue, it is not only the support staff that reviews those issues, the designers and developers of FlexiSPY also review those issues. FlexiSPY’s team has a clear goal of ensuring customer’s satisfaction.

In addition to their great customer support, they also offer an exclusive installation service. The technician from FlexiSPY will help customers to root or jailbreak the device that the customer wishes to install the app on. There are also videos on their website that explain the features of the software.


The installation process of the FlexiSPY software can get complicated & may not be done as easily. For instance, to be able to intercept calls, the device that FlexiSPY is installed on will have to be rooted. Parents who are unfamiliar with it may find it hard to use the FlexiSPY app on their children.

FlexiSPY may have great customer support but their service speed can be very slow. If in any case, you have any issues concerning the app and have reported to the FlexiSPY customer support, it may take a while before you get a response.

Conclusion: Is FlexiSPY the best mobile spy app?

Yes. The functions that FlexiSPY offers are better than other spy apps in the market. It offers functions that other spy apps do not have such as the live call interception and SpyCall where you are able to intercept incoming and outgoing calls and able to listen and record surroundings of the device. FlexiSPY also offers great customer service to ensure a satisfying experience for its customers.

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