Simpe Tips to How to Write a Bollywood Movie Review Essay

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Bollywood is a potent industry that produces films with specific peculiarities. Every movie is unique in its genre, and it comes as no surprise that those who study cinematography or simply are interested in it should know about Bollywood. And the question of how to write a Bollywood movie review essay might arise sooner or later. Some people say that it is necessary to know the Hindi language to write a peerless essay. That is not true. The industry has developed so rapidly, and there are thousands of Bollywood films with English translation or subtitles accessible these days. Without further ado, let us introduce simple tips that will help you compose a top-notch Bollywood movie review.

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Watch The Movie More Than Once

If you want to write an excellent paper, it is necessary to understand the movie. Professional and cheap essay services advise watching the movie more than once. This is a very apt comment because you are not just a simple viewer but a critic when you write the review. Not only do you have to describe the plot, but you also have to point out exclusive attributes that bolster the movie itself.

That is why we encourage you to watch the film twice. Since you have several tasks, you can approach them one at a time. No need to delve into multitasking, as it might decrease your productivity and make you miss some essential points. For instance, you can focus on the plot, characters, and speech when watching the film for the first time. And then pay close attention to cinematographic quirks, such as angles, techniques, and other methods when watching the movie for the second time.

Do Some Research

Make sure to research the movie. It is up to you when to do that, before or after watching the film. The point is to enrich your knowledge about the movie and share crucial facts with the readers. Remember that when writing the essay, you have to add some background information. It will help the audience understand what the prerequisites for making this film were. Besides, this research will strengthen your position as a competent writer, as it will show that you took the task seriously and are confident enough to talk about it in a broader scope.

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Anyway, aside from finding specific information and adding it, you should introduce the movie director, primary actors, crucial secondary actors, the film’s history, and other significant details. Depending on your essay’s word count, you may want to include more or less information about the mentioned aspects. Nonetheless, they are a must, so ensure providing the reader with them. And remember, no spoilers! Your readers don’t want to see anything that will break their interest in watching the movie after reading your essay. Make sure to provide the general plot without delving into details.

Take Notes While Watching

Our brain can’t work on a high level for a long time. When we do something, we wrongly assume to remember everything we perceive. Unfortunately, we are prone to forgetting the largest part of the received information afterwards. When watching the movie, jot down what you think might be important and of further use. It is better to frequently pause the movie and write down your observation than re-watching it because you think there was a critical idea, but you don’t remember what it was about.

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Stay Away From Subjectivity

You have to watch the movie, analyze it, and provide a review. No one else should do that but you. So how should you remain objective? It is not an easy thing to do, undoubtedly. However, it is doable, and here is what you should keep in mind.

First and foremost, you have to avoid writing in the first-person. Academic writing refrains from including the first-person pronouns (unless you are not a full-fledged and valued scholar). This is the initial step to approach objectivity. Then, make sure to eradicate phrases like “I find it difficult,” “I think,” “In my opinion,” etc. They will do you no good. Instead, stick to the following structure, such as “Upon further examination of the film, it becomes apparent that.”

Moreover, thoroughly analyze everything before writing it down. Your stance might and will be debatable; this is not unavoidable. However, the more rigorous you examine the element, the lower the chance your essay will end up being subjective. If you are not sure whether a concept is the film’s advantage or not, simply don’t include and stay on the safe side.

Mind The Structure

Each and every paper has a determined structure. You can write your draft in any format you like. But don’t forget to adjust it to the paper’s primary requirements and instructions. That is, an essay must comprise the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. Every section has to have particular elements. For instance, the introduction must contain:

  • The opening sentence: It aims to spark the reader’s attention
  • Background information: It helps understand the paper’s content
  • A thesis statement: It shows what arguments the writer will develop within the essay

In turn, the body part—usually, a standard, two-page essay has three body paragraphs—must have:

  • A topic sentence: It links back to the thesis and describes one certain point
  • A central part: It develops the argument from the thesis and supports it with a credible source
  • A transition: This is done to make a paper coherent and smooth-running

Finally, the conclusion has no exception and must embrace the three following components:

  • A thesis rephrase: It helps the reader remember the paper’s primary points
  • A recapitulation: It squizzes the body’s vital content into several sentences
  • A Call to Action: It provokes the audience to learn more about the topic

As you can see, every part is meaningful, and under no circumstances should you avoid any of them. Some elements might be larger, depending on your word limit. But be that as it may, you can’t extend the word count by more than 10 per cent. Otherwise, it will result in a lower grade.


If you have to write a Bollywood movie review essay, you must know that it is pretty much manageable. Remember that you are a critic and have to immerse yourself with the movie, researching the actors, the film director, and the location. Before writing, watch the film twice to understand it from different angles. Once you do that, the writing process will be as easy as pie, especially with the mentioned simple and effective tips!

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