Things to Know Before Renting Digital Signage

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Digital signage has tons of benefits for businesses. It is a relatively affordable way to reach potential clients both indoors and outdoors and is a great tool to increase brand awareness. If it’s your first time looking for digital signage, however, you might not know what to look for. You also have to know how to get the most out of it. Let’s take a look at some of the things you should know before renting digital signage.

things to know before renting

The Specifications

Every organization will need something different when it comes to the rental of digital signage. This is why you need to get information on the software being used and make sure that it is not made specifically for one type of business.


Size is also very important here. Not everyone will benefit from choosing the biggest digital sign there is. If you’re a hotel that wants to display ads in the lobby or behind the reception desk, you don’t necessarily need a 98″ monitor. This will also greatly affect price, so pick something that will be appropriate and within your budget.

Does it Work Offline?

This is another thing a lot of people overlook. But you have to know if the unit needs an internet connection. The last thing you want is to have a big error screen because your connection is down, so make sure that you ask this question.

Templates and Additional Tools

Another thing you should be looking for is the tools that can be used and the number of templates being offered. You should go for software that has easy-to-use scheduling tools. This will allow you to release content when you want to quickly and easily.

Scheduling your ads can be a very powerful technique if you have a business like a restaurant, for instance. Some may have different menus at different times of the day, or they may have lunch specials, for instance. Being able to schedule easily will save you time and allow you to maximize your reach.

Having many easy-to-customize templates will make creating ads a breeze. If you choose a service that has nice templates, you could literally have a new ad up in minutes simply by changing a few fields. Good templates will also be made to grab people’s attention.

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This is probably a priority for a lot of people. Here, you will have to enquire about different suppliers and see what they have to offer. Make sure that there are no hidden fees either. For instance, some will have software that you will need to subscribe to. Pick software that will have no recurring fees.

Digital vs Manual Updates

This is one detail that you should not overlook when renting digital signage. You usually have two ways of updating content. You can either do it manually through the internet with a hardwired connection or through the cloud.

Those that use manual updates are usually less expensive, but that’s probably the only benefit they have. An employee will be responsible for updating this content, and you never know what could happen to them. They could be out of commission for a while, or they might simply forget. This could be bad if you have an important update to make, like a flash sale, for instance.

Remote updates, on the other hand, can be planned months in advance. The whole process will be automated and take human error out of the equation. There’s nothing that stops you from making modifications on the fly if you need to either.

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After-Sale Service

Last, but not least, you also want to go with a company that offers great after-sale service. You want them to be there if you’re having difficulty with a template, for instance, or if your ads aren’t being served for some reason. You should also be able to have access to a technician who will get there fast if there’s anything wrong with the hardware.

If you were considering investing in digital signage, make sure that you follow our few tips. You should be able to find a great display at an affordable price that will be reliable and allow you to boost visibility.

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