How to Spy on Android Phone without Touching It (100% Works)

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Spying on something or someone often means you have to go close to it. Thanks to technology, you can spy someone’s phone without touching it.

This means if you want to keep a tab on your child or spouse, you can do it remotely. With this, you won’t worry that you will be caught.

Technology has made the development of spy apps possible. When you choose an effective spy app, you can spy a mobile phone secretly and undetected.

Many apps have been developed but you need to make the best choice. This post shares how to spy on Android phones without touching it using the best spy app.

Part 1: Spyier- The Most Reliable Spy App for Android Phone

Spyier has been designed with the most advanced monitoring technology. It is highly reliable and it gives accurate data from the device you want to monitor. With the Spyier app, you can spy the activities of a target Android, including its location in real-time.

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The app will give you remote access to the vital data on the target device. With this, you get to know what they’re up to every time. You can remotely check the photo gallery, watch shared videos, and view social media posts, text messages, and more. 

Spyier offers you the resources you need to track all their activities. Spyier is the best spy app without target phone.

Spyier allows you to check WhatsApp messages, sent and received emails, and call logs details on the target Android. There’s a whole lot of data you can get with this app.

How easy it is to Spy an Android Phone without touching it

In the world of technology, hardly is anything impossible. Of course, for some things, you need to have technical knowledge.

When it comes to spying an Android device without touching it, Spyier makes it an easy job. Now before progressing, it’s crucial to point something out.

Spying an Android device without touching it is possible but you first have to install an app on the device. After the installation, you don’t have to access the phone again to spy it. Many spy apps claim to spy Android devices without app installation.

You’ve probably come across such apps. Well, the truth is that it’s impossible to spy an Android device without installing an app.

No technology has been developed to support this. Any spy app that makes this claim is lying. All they’re trying to do is make it a bait to attract you to download such an app.

When you do, anything can happen. They can install malware on your device or steal your data. You must be wary of apps that make unfounded claims. Now that we’ve cleared this part, let’s go right into how to spy an Android phone without touching it.

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How to Spy an Android Phone Remotely with Spyier

One unique benefit of using Spyier to spy an Android device is you don’t have to root your target phone. Most spy apps require that you root the target Android before you can spy its activities.

With Spyier, all you have to do is install a 2MB app to activate the software on the device. Here are the steps:

Step One: Create a free account on the Spyier official website. You should provide your valid email address as you would need to verify it. 


Step Two: Choose a subscription package based on the number of devices you want to monitor and how long. Spyier has three subscription plans for Android versions – Basic, Premium, and Family.

Step Three: Download and install the Spyier app on the target device. When installed, hide the app and it will go into stealth mode. It becomes invisible and starts working in the background.


You can log in to your Spyier dashboard to start spying the target device. You can explore all the features that allow you to monitor a target device from the dashboard. Spyier is web-based, which means you can access it through any web browser on a phone or computer.

Part 2: Excellent Features that Spyier Provide

It’s imperative to know all that Spyier can offer you to better understand its effectiveness in spying an Android phone. There are over 35 features but in this post, we’ll only look at a couple of them.

Facebook Spying: You can remotely view the Facebook messages, posts, and shared photos and videos on target Android. 

Snapchat Spying: Spyier allows you to check Snapchat conversations and media on the target device. Even when messages are deleted on Snapchat, you can view them from your dashboard.

Instagram Spying: You can spy the direct messages sent and received on the Instagram account of your target Android.

LINE Messages Tracking: If your target uses the LINE messaging app, Spyier will let you see all conversations on the app.

WhatsApp Spying: Spyier also lets you view the WhatsApp messages of your target. You can also see their status and the contact details of their connections on the app.

Call History Tracking: You can see the details of those that your target talks to on their device. These include incoming and outgoing calls. You’ll see the caller ID, profile photo, call frequency, call duration, and timestamps of the calls.


SMS Tracking: You can read the SMS and iMessages on the target device. If your target deletes some messages, you can still see them on your dashboard. You’ll also see all exchanged media files on the target device.

Browser History Tracking: Spyier gives you access to all the websites visited by your target on their device. 

Location Tracking: You can also view the location of the target Android device in real-time. You’ll be able to see the timestamps of the locations, including the street views.


Keylogger: This feature logs all keystrokes typed on the target device. Whenever your target types anything on their device, the Keylogger feature records it. It arranges everything according to apps and features. With this, you can see every note drafted and saved on the device.

Part 3: How safe is the Spyier App in Spying an Android Device?

When it comes to safety and security, you can rest assured that Spyier is one of the best in the market. The app uses military-grade encryption to protect the data of its users.

It also doesn’t store transmitted data on its server, which means your data can’t be accessed by a third-party.

The app is free of malware and you don’t have to worry that it will introduce malware into your target Android device. Your data is also safe as you can access your Spyier account through any web browser. You don’t need to install an app for your monitoring.

Spyier also works in 100% stealth mode. It doesn’t interfere with the smooth functioning of your target device neither does it take up memory space.

It uses a minimal battery on the target device and doesn’t make it heat up. You also don’t have to root the target Android device to spy it.


Are you interested in spying an Android phone? Do you think your spouse is cheating on you? Would you like to keep a tab on your child and know what they do on their phone? 

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