27+ Best Android Launcher Apps for FREE [Updated 2023]

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Hey, Guys Today I am sharing the Top 25 Best Android Launchers Apps of 2023 with Paid APK Download Links for FREE.

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Top 27 Best Android Launcher of 2023

Here is the list of 25 Free & Paid Best Launchers for Android Below: –

1- Microsoft Launcher (All-Rounder Best)

[appbox googleplay com.microsoft.launcher&gl=GB]

Microsoft Launcher gives you a clean interface & immense control over customization.

You have got a Primary Space for your Applications & a Subspace to the Left which lets you Create Notes, Interact with Cortana, Check the News & Look at your own Timelines.

Pin contacts to your Home screen & place them anywhere on the Home screen, dock or in folders.

You have got a Little Dock that can be Swiped Up to Reveal More Apps & Settings.

Features: –

  • See your most important information at a glance like news, calendar events, contacts, docs, & more in your personalized feed.
  • Deep Gesture Customization.
  • You can hide the apps you want with Secret Protect PIN.
  • It has a Wallpaper that changes every Day Automatically.

Download Microsoft Launcher App

2- Cool Q Launcher – Android 10 Style UI (Prime Unlocked)

[appbox googleplay com.pixel.launcher.cool&hl=en_IN]

Cool Q Launcher Prime is a Powerful Android 10 Launcher Style with many features, crisp themes & 4k Wallpapers.

Features: –

  • Base on the Android 10 Launcher code
  • Hide Apps with Password
  • Dark Mode
  • Online Themes & Wallpapers

Download Cool Q Launcher Prime APK

3- Nova Launcher Prime (Paid)

[appbox googleplay com.teslacoilsw.launcher&gl=GB]

Nova Launcher with Prime is still the Best Compromise between being Light & Fast having all the Customization Features you could want.

It is a powerful, customizable, & versatile home screen Launcher.

It is getting Updated Constantly.

Features: –

  • Nova Gives All the Newest Features with Each Update.
  • Night Mode & Dark Theme
  • Nova supports 1000 of Icons & Themes Available in the Play Store.
  • App Drawer Groups – Create custom tabs/folders in the app drawer for an ultra-organized look. (PRIME)

Download Nova Launcher Prime APK

4- Evie Launcher (Simple, Clean & Fast)

[appbox googleplay is.shortcut&gl=GB]

Evie Launcher is one of my Favorites.

An unparalleled home screen replacement, designed with performance in mind.

It got all the Features & Customizations which we need the most.

Features: –

  • Android P notifications
  • Quick & responsive launcher.
  • Search inside all of your apps in one place. Let us do the hard work for you!

Download Evie Launcher App

5- CPL (Customized Pixel Launcher)

[appbox googleplay ru.whatau.cpl]

CPL Launcher is the best pure Pixel launcher experience for non-pixel phones.

It comes with Deep Customisation Options.

It is best in terms of Speed & Smoothness.

Features: –

  • Supersmooth, Fast & Lightweight Launcher
  • Customizable animations & notification dot tweaks
  • Pixel inspired Home Screen with Pixel Widgets.

Download CPL Launcher App

6- Shade Launcher (with Smart Notification Feature)

[appbox googleplay amirz.shade]

Shade Launcher is the best launcher in terms of simplicity & neatness with unique customizations.

This launcher is packed with all the coolest things.

It is Basically a Pixel launcher on steroids 🙂

It has a few unique features & options.

Features: –

  • The widget on the first page will show the latest notification on your phone.
  • New Categories Feature in App Drawer.
  • Tons of Unique Themes like Dark Midnight & Sunrise Theme. 
  • Swipe right to open a news feed

Download Shade Launcher App

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7- Total Launcher (Most Customizable Launcher)

[appbox googleplay com.ss.launcher2]

You’re gonna love this one. 🙂

Total launcher is the Best Customizable Launcher. It gives you an astonishing Level of Control

It looks boring at first but once you play around with the edit mode enough you will discover that you can do a lot of things on your screen as much as you like.

Features: –

  • Your Entire Homescreen is instantly transformed with Beautiful Themes.
  • Endless Customization as like you.

Download Total Launcher App

Download Total Launcher Premium APK

8- Action Launcher: Pixel Edition

[appbox googleplay com.actionlauncher.playstore&gl=GB]

Action Launcher comes up with All Pixel Launcher Unique Features, Colors & Customizations.

It offers you a Full customizable search box Dock.

Features: –

  • An inbuilt weather widget
  • Fully customizable dock
  • Google Discover integration

Download Action Launcher App

Download Action Launcher Plus APK

9- Ceri Launcher (Early Access)

[appbox googleplay me.jckpn.cerilauncher]

Ceri Launcher is a Fast & Clean Clutter which puts everything right where you need it in a way.

Features: –

  • Grid or honeycomb icon layout
  • Super smooth scrolling animations
  • Choose to show all of your apps or just your favorite apps

Download Ceri Launcher App

10- Hyperion launcher (Fast with Customizable Color Controls)

[appbox googleplay projekt.launcher]

Hyperion is a Fast Launcher that gives you a lot of Control Over Color.

You can Set any Gradient of choice as the backdrop of your App Drawer.

The Launcher even lets you decide the background color for Applications.

Features: –

  • Deep Darkness Theme
  • Ambient Theme that adapts based on the wallpaper you applied.
  • Full launcher font change (Pro)
  • You can change the Icons of Desktop, Drawer, & Dock.
  • Applications are grouped automatically.

Download Hyperion Launcher App

Download Hyperion Launcher Premium APK

[appbox googleplay com.citc.asap]

ASAP provides a clean launcher experience without widgets and icons everywhere.

It doesn’t have lots of Customization Options.

The ASAP Launcher has been focusing on speed, beauty, & simplicity.

Features: –

  • Dark Mode with Dark Themes & Colors.
  • Hides Music Controls until the Music Actually Start Playing.
  • Quick Settings Panel.

Download ASAP Launcher App

Download ASAP Launcher Prime APK

12- Smart Launcher 5 Pro APK (It makes things very easy for you)

[appbox googleplay ginlemon.flowerfree]

Smart Launcher Launcher 5 is Beautiful in fact out of every app on this list it probably Requires the least amount of work to look good.

It themes itself based on your Wallpaper & Even Skins, Icons for you.

If you Swipe Up, it brings a Search box & if you swipe down, it brings a NewsFeed Powered by Microsoft.

It also Groups Your Applications by what they do automatically.

Features: –

  • Smart Launcher automatically changes the theme colors to match your wallpaper.
  • Apps are automatically sorted into categories.
  • Designed to be used with one hand,
  • 100 of Hundreds of Themes & Icon Packs are available.
  • You can hide the apps you want & if you want to keep them secret, you can protect them with a PIN.

Download Smart Launcher 5 Pro APK

13- Leena Launcher – Desktop UI (Multiwindow & Multitask)

[appbox googleplay de.m_lang.leena]

The multi-window Leena Launcher App gives you the Desktop Operating System Experience on your Android.

Instead of opening your social media as Mobile Applications, it opens them as Mini Browser Windows which displays the Full Desktop Sites. 🙂

You could Multitask with 3 or 4 of Windows Open at any one time.

It also organizes your Files into a very much Windows/Mac Style Interface.

Leena Launcher comes with the following apps included: –

  • File Manager App
  • Web Browser App
  • Video Player App
  • Image Viewer App
  • Several Web Apps

Download Leena Launcher App

14- Lawnchair Launcher

[appbox googleplay ch.deletescape.lawnchair.plah]

Lawnchair is a 100% Free Pixel Inspired Home Screen.

It comes with what most People would consider Important.

Download Lawnchair Launcher App

Download Lawnchair Launcher 2 APK

15- Lean Launcher (Light-Weight 2MB Only)

[appbox googleplay com.hdeva.launcher]

Lean Launcher is an open-source, lightweight & customizable launcher.

Features: –

  • Light or Dark Theme based on your wallpaper
  • Hide apps from your Desktop or Drawer
  • Bottom Search Bar

Download Lean Launcher App

16- POCO Launcher 2.0 – Customize, Fresh & Clean

[appbox googleplay com.mi.android.globallauncher]

Poco Launcher is introduced by Xiaomi Last Year with Poco F1.

It is a fast & lightweight launcher with Minimalist Neat & Clean design.

Features: –

  • Customizable Dark Mode
  • Keep your apps secure by hiding their icons
  • Double-tap the screen to Lock Phone
  • Group Applications by Color

Download Poco Launcher App

17- Yandex Launcher

[appbox googleplay com.yandex.launcher]

It is a Simplistic & good looking launcher with a lot of Configurable Features, Wide range of Wallpapers & a Newsfeed with your favorite Newspapers / Magazines.

Features: –

  • Quick search – Swipe down on the main screen to open a quick search to find your contacts, apps & info on the internet.
  • 1-Tap Boost – automatically close unnecessary processes/apps
  • Clock & Weather widget – see the weather forecast widget for today & the week ahead
  • Notification Badges – Unread Counters.
  • Exclusive Wallpapers.

Download Yandex Launcher App

18- Apex Launcher (Not Stable, Couple of Glitches)

[appbox googleplay com.anddoes.launcher]

Apex Looks Pretty Good right out of the box. It’s Clean, Flat & Simple

But it’s not Entirely Stable with a couple of Glitches.

Download Apex Launcher App

Download Apex Launcher Pro APK

19- LessPhone – Distraction Free Minimal Launcher

[appbox googleplay me.aswinmohan.nophone&gl=GB]

It is a really great concept if you are trying to Minimize Distractions.

There is no Icons insight.

Dark Theme with 90% of your Screen Black as you will Save a lot of Battery also.

Download LessPhone App

20- AIO Launcher (A home screen with all the stuff)

[appbox googleplay ru.execbit.aiolauncher&gl=GB]

AIO Launcher basically Places Your Entire Phone’s Capability in a List.

One Page shows everything from your Frequent Applications to a News Feed to a Voice Recorder.

You no longer need to pull down your Status Bar to access most of the Shortcuts.

Download AIO Launcher Pro Apk

21- Linux CLI Launcher (Only if you have any terminal experience)

[appbox googleplay ohi.andre.consolelauncher]

Instead of HomeScreen, App Drawers & Icons. This Linux CLI Launcher is based on Commands.

If you want to Uninstall an Application, you literally type the word Uninstall space Application Name”

There’s a lot of information displayed on the screen.

Download Linux Launcher App

22- Niagara Launcher

[appbox googleplay bitpit.launcher&gl=GB]

Niagara Launcher puts all your Apps in a List.

And it lets you search through them Alphabetically.

You can do almost everything with just 1 Hand.

Download Niagara Launcher App

23- ADW Launcher 2 (2D Animations)

[appbox googleplay org.adw.launcher]

ADW Launcher 2 is not afraid to experiment out of the box.

It gives the notion of Flat 2D Animations Customization.

link not available

24- Mint Launcher (For Lower-End Phones)

[appbox googleplay com.mi.android.go.globallauncher&gl=GB]

Mint Launcher by Xiaomi is Designed for Lower End Phones.

It combines a very limited set of Functions with Lightweight Animations.

Download Mint Launcher App

25- Lightning Launcher – Build Home Screen (1.2 MB Only)

[appbox googleplay net.pierrox.lightning_launcher_extreme&gl=GB]

Lightning is a fast, light & extremely Customizable Launcher to Build the Perfect home screen.

It works like a charm on all phones & tablets, from Android 2.2 up to Newest Android Versions.

Features: –

  • Unique limitless Home Screens.
  • Highly customizable home screen
  • Home Screen can be Minimalist, Gesture-Based, With Side Bars or Moveable Panels

. Download Lightning Launcher App

26- Solo Launcher (Include Ads)

[appbox googleplay home.solo.launcher.free&gl=GB]

Solo Launcher is Clean & Colorful Launcher.

It has a Shuffle Button, which will Rotate/Change your Wallpaper Every time you tap it.

Download Solo Launcher App

27- ap15 Launcher (Applications as a Words)

[appbox googleplay com.aurhe.ap15]

AP 15 Presents all your Application as a Word with their Sizes Proportional to How much you use them.

It is an interesting one especially when you Adding Advanced Color Rules.

Download ap15 Launcher App

Final Words

I hope you liked these awesome Android Launchers. Also, Check Out 25 Most Useful Apps which not available in PlayStore

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So which is your Favorite Android Launcher? Tell us in the Comment Section Below, I am Waiting 🙄  

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