22+ Best Android Apps of All Time [August 2023] Must Have

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Hey, Guys Today I am sharing 20+ Best Android Apps of 2023.

These Apps are very unique and useful. I bet you won’t know about these Apps.

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Best Android Apps of 2023

Here is the list of 20+ Best Android Apps of this Month Below: –

1- Face Pause – Pause & Resume apps with Face Detection

[appbox googleplay com.cdapps.facepause]

Face Pause uses your built-in Face Detection to pause anything you are doing when you aren’t looking at the screen & resumes it when you look back.

NOTE- It’s not very convinient for a pop up selfie camera phones Like One plus 7 Pro Etc

Features: –

  • Pause videos with Facial Recognition.
  • Playing Any Game with Face Detection.
  • Hide your Screen when you are not looking.
  • Pause Watching Movie/TV Series with face Recognition.

Install Face Pause App

2- Cometin – No Root (Most Useful Features)

[appbox googleplay host.stjin.cometin]

Cometin App is a free collection of tweaks & tricks to optimize & improve the Android experience.

Modules Tweaks:-

1- Better rotation – Allow the Screen to Rotate to 0, 90, 180 or 270 degrees.

Also, It forces every app to Force Landscape Like Instagram, Facebook. 🙂

2- Darker brightness – Make Your Device Low as Possible.

3- Ambient display- You can Customize Ambient Display to have unique Animations when you receive a Notification.

4- Caffeine- Keep your screen awake for a set amount of time.

Perfect for Watching a Movie at night on your phone but you’re afraid of falling asleep with a display turned on.

5- Parallel- Create a 2nd Instance of your apps for multiple sim cards. Similar Like Parallel Space.

Install Cometin App

3- Aroundsound Audio Recorder (Record with 1 Tap)

[appbox googleplay com.aroundsound.audiorecorder]

Aroundsound is a Voice Recorder App in which You Can Place this App as a Quick Toggle in your Status Bar.

So, Anytime Anywhere with just 2 Touches on your Screen, You can be Recording & Stop.

Also, You can Easily Share Recorded Audios with Your Friends in this App.

Install Aroundsound App

4- Fluid Navigation Gestures (Recommended)

[appbox googleplay com.fb.fluid]

This is an amazing app & would recommend it to anyone that wants better navigation gestures of Android Q.

However, I Personally Use the Vivid Navigation Gesture App (Premium Apk Added) which has more Gestures & Customizations.

Install Fluid Navigation Gestures App

5- Dark Mode

[appbox googleplay systems.maju.darkmode]

This app helps to activate the Android Dark Mode on Some Supported Applications.

List of Supported Apps: –

  • Instagram
  • Google Chrome
  • Google Play Store
  • Google Photos
  • Google Pay
  • Microsoft Launcher
  • Gboard
  • Pocket Casts etc.

Install Dark Mode App

6- WhatsApp Status Saver – No Login Required (No Ads)

[appbox googleplay isomoldstudio.status.saver.statusdownloader.whatappstatussaver]

Download Whatsapp Status instantly & saved to your gallery using the Status Saver Download App.

It gets the list of images & videos which you have watched from the official Whatsapp App, & this list displayed on Status Saver app.

Features of Status saver app: –

  • No login is required to download status
  • Ad-free
  • Shows a separate list of images & videos Automatically.

Install Status Saver App

7- Cover – Automatically Hide/Cover Adult (NSFW) Content 😳

[appbox googleplay com.baloota.galleryprotector&hl=en]

Cover App AI helps your privacy protection by blocking or “covering” inappropriate photos sent via Messenger, Whatsapp, Telegram, and more. 

Also, Cover App will automatically scan your phone for inappropriate images and videos & secure them in an encrypted vault.

Cover Smart Private Photo & Video Vault will take Your Privacy to the Next Level.

Features: –

  • Messaging NSFW Protection – Automatically Cover NSFW Images/Videos on Whatsapp, FB Messenger, Telegram, & more
  • PIN & Fingerprint Password Protection
  • No Internet Access Required
  • Receive Notifications if NSFW pictures or videos are detected
  • Secure and Hide Photos, Videos, and Files

Install Cover App

8- Spike (Reply Email in Chat Messenger Format) – Productive 🙂

[appbox googleplay com.pingapp.app]

Spike App is the world’s first conversational Email App. It is the Future of Email.

Spike is a fast & secure email messenger is for anyone bored of traditional emails like Gmail & Yahoo. 

Features: –

  • Multiple E-Mail Accounts All your email addresses into Spike App
  • Real-Time Messaging – Conversational Email keeps the chat moving with reading receipts
  • Dark Mode
  • Organize all your calendars from multiple email accounts
  • Priority Inbox shows your most important messages to the top
  • Cutting-edge email encryption for ultimate security

Install Spike App

9- Voicepop – Transcribe Voice to Text (Convert Voice to Text)

[appbox googleplay com.speakapp.voicepop&hl=en]

Voicepop allows you to turn voice messages to text, whenever you can’t listen in meetings, classes, at concerts.

Convert voice to text inside WhatsApp, Vibe, Kik & other messengers.

Features: –

  • Works with Voice & Video Messages up to 2 minutes long.
  • Works inside WhatsApp, no need to switch between apps.
  • Transcribe voice & video messages to text in seconds.
  • Supports 120 languages

Install Voicepop App

10- Blackbox – Call Recorder (Automatic Google Drive Backup)

[appbox googleplay com.cryok.larva]

Blackbox is a great app that will Automatically Record Your Phone Calls you can listen to them later.

You can also share your Recordings.

The Best Feature is you can Back-Up your Call Recording on your Google Drive.

Blackbox does not support VoIP calls from WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, etc 🙁

Feature: –

  • Backup & Restore data to Google Drive
  • Search, sort & favorite your call recordings
  • Whitelist contacts from being recorded

Install Blackbox App

11- Launcher Tile – Add 6 Apps in Notification Bar

[appbox googleplay com.radefffactory.launchertile]

Launcher Tile will add up to 6 of your favourite apps in a quickly launchable shortcut in your notification bar.

Install Launcher Tile App

12- Memoria Photo Gallery Pro (Best Gallery App)

[appbox googleplay com.memoria.photos.gallery]

Memoria Photo Gallery Pro App is the most Personalized Photo Gallery with Clean Material Design.

Memoria Photo Gallery is made for fast, stable & organized browsing through all your favourite photos.

We Have Added Memoria Photo Gallery Pro Version Below for FREE 🙂

Features: –

  • Security – Keep your personal photos secure in the Vault & access them with a Password or with the Fingerprint Sensor.
  • Hiding Albums – Hide your sensitive albums & make them open only with your permission
  • Gestures – Swipe up/down or rotate the photo with your fingers.
  • Favourites – Mark, your favourite photos to keep them nearby when you need them the most
  • Albums Visibility (INCLUDE/EXCLUDE) – Choose which albums you want to be included or excluded from the app

Download Memoria Photo Gallery Pro v1.0.2.5 APK

13- Always on AMOLED (PRO) – SketchPad, Edge Lightning, Gestures

[appbox googleplay com.newgen.alwayson]

Always on Display – Edge Lighting will give you information about your notifications, clock, date, current weather, with edge lighting & much more right on your screen without having to touch your phone.

It has also an inbuild Sketch Pad of Samsung Note which I liked the most. 🙂

The Best Part is you can set Gestures Like “Swipe Up to Open Flashlight, Swipe down to Open Calendar, Double Tap to Open Camera Etc.”

Download Always on display edge lighting Pro v3.5.5 from below link for FREE

Features: –

  • Samsung Galaxy One UI always on display theme
  • Off-screen sketch pad which allows you to take notes, & draw
  • Battery charging animation
  • Edge Lighting with custom colours and styles
  • View current weather information
  • Choose Shortcuts Such as Flashlight, Camera, Sketch pad Etc.
  • A memo which lets you show sticky notes right on your display

Download Always on Amoled Pro Apk

14- TalkFaster! (Speed Up WhatsApp, Telegram Voice Notes)

[appbox googleplay com.joroizin.talkfaster]

Getting many long WhatsApp voice messages? Using TalkFaster App you can speed them up. 🙂

Speed up voice messages, podcasts, & music.

Accelerate voice recordings of any app that supports file sharing.

Features: –

  • Listen to voice messages at 6 different speeds.
  • Listen to voice messages without notifying the sender – no more blue ticks!
  • Skip silence.
  • Block All Tracking Scripts.
  • Customize the appearance.

Install TalkFaster App

15- Shadow Weather

[appbox googleplay com.noaimgames.shadowweather&hl=en]

Shadow Weather is the Perfect App for Anyone who is interested in the Weather.

Features: –

  • Minimal, smooth design.
  • Minute by minute forecasts.
  • Radar & lightning tracker
  • Hourly forecasts for 5+ days
  • 16 days forecasts

Install Shadow Weather App

16- Firefox Preview (2x Faster Browser)

[appbox googleplay org.mozilla.fenix]

Firefox Preview is the Internet Browser by Mozilla which gives you 2x browsing speed, privacy, control, & easy-to-use features.

Get More Done with Firefox Preview Pod Collections which will help you to do Everyday tasks, Share tasks across devices, Save Multiple Websites into Packages & knock out your to-do list.

Features: –

  • Address Bar is at the bottom for more comfortable use with 1 Hand.
  • 2x Faster than most of the browsers available.
  • Transform any article or page into a simple piece of Texts, Images, and Links.
  • Block All Tracking Scripts.
  • Customize the appearance.

Install Firefox Preview App

17- MIUI-ify – Bottom Notification Bar

[appbox googleplay com.tombayley.miui]best android app for status bar

It’s Difficult to Reach Status Bar (Notification Bar) with just 1 Hand on Large Display Phones.

That’s Why I Recommend you to Download MIUI-ify if you have a large phone & Small Hands because it throws Notification & Quick Settings Panel to the Bottom of the Screen.

With a Single Swipe, you can see and control all your Notifications.

It has sliders so you can control the brightness & volume.

I will upload Premium Version Apk for Free here in few days 🙂

Features: –

  • Customize the Tiles (40+ different settings)
  • Add any app or URL as a shortcut in the panel
  • Reply, open, dismiss, interact & manage
  • Full-colour customization with Dark Mode.
  • Blur the background
  • Blacklist: hide the status bar in specific apps

Install MIUI-ify App

18- Eon Music Player (Clean & Clutter Free Music Player)

[appbox googleplay qijaz221.github.io.musicplayer]

Eon Music Player is a minimal, feature-packed, highly customizable & one of the cleanest Material Design Music Player.

Install Aroundsound App

19- WolPepper (4K Wallpapers with Editing Tools)

[appbox googleplay com.eclectik.wolpepper]

WolPepper App gives you amazing HD Unsplash wallpapers are of 4K, QHD or higher resolution quality to support devices with large resolutions.

Also with wallpaper editing tools integrated into Wolpepper app itself.

I really found this Wallpaper App unique & the interface is gorgeous without Ads.

Features: –

  • Blur, set a grey-scale amount of the wallpaper, flip or rotate the wallpaper to your desire.
  • More than 200 Thousand wallpapers with a resolution higher than Full HD / QHD & even 4K.
  • You can use a saturated or desaturated version of every wallpaper.
  • Solid Color Palettes
  • Muzei Integration – Change images automatically with a set amount of time period.

Install WolPepper App

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20- SpotyTube – Trending Music Chart (For Music)

[appbox googleplay me.spotytube.spotytube]

SpotyTube is a Music Platform App that gives you Top, Trending & Viral Music charts in one place, all from Good Music sources like Spotify, Billboard & YouTube.

Also, This app recommends top songs from around the world & are curated according to your particular taste. 

A must have app for the music lovers 🙂

Features: –

  • Floating Music player
  • Top Music Charts by different countries
  • Search any Artist or Music Video
  • New Releases Music Charts from Spotify & YouTube

Install SpotyTube App

21- Shade Launcher – Best Launcher with Smart Notification Feature

[appbox googleplay amirz.shade]

Shade Launcher is the best launcher in terms of simplicity & neatness with unique customizations.

This launcher is packed with all the coolest things.

It is Basically a Pixel launcher on steroids 🙂

It has a few unique features & options.

It is a Much Better Launcher than Nova & Google Pixel Launchers.

If you are using MI, Oppo or Vivo Phones, then it is must have App for you to install right now!

Features: –

  • The widget on the first page will show the latest notification on your phone.
  • New Categories Feature in App Drawer.
  • Tons of Unique Themes like Dark Midnight & Sunrise Theme. 
  • Swipe right to open a news feed

Install Shade Launcher App

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[appbox googleplay com.getcrono]

Crono is an excellent Android App to Sync your phone across your Laptop/PC with the simple Google Chrome Plugin.

It will mirror your Mobile Notifications & you can manage these notifications from your Desktop (Laptop/Computer) such as Clear them, Reply to text, or dismissing phone calls.

Features: –

  • Directly send replies for any chat or email app including WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Gmail, Hike
  • Get push alert for every notification on your pc
  • Ring your phone directly from your browser if you can’t find it
  • Send a file that is below 25 MB
  • Sync Clipboard

Install Crono App

Final Words

I hope you liked these Best Android Apk of 2020. Also, Check 25 Most Useful Apps which not available in PlayStore

Don’t Forget to Share these Apps with your Friends if you want to see more Awesome Apps in the Future 🙂

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Comment Below which app you liked the most!

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