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Free Address Lookup & People Search | CocoFinder

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Finding public information is a challenge. People find it difficult to access public information due to the lengthy process and the efforts required to find it. However, it does not need to be that way anymore. 

Today, you have different solutions to find this information without paying a single dollar. It means you can access public information of an individual or a property without going through the lengthy process ever again.

In this article, we will share an easy way to access Address Lookup and People Search tools online. The best part is that both are available on the same platform and you won’t need to go anywhere else.

So, let’s learn a few things about the platform we are going to use.


cocofinder people search

CocoFinder’s website is a web-based application that gives you direct access to information available in the public domain. It can help you track details of a phone number, address, person, email address, and some area-wise information. The platform focuses on providing easy and secure access to this data.

To make it more accessible, they do not ask you to register on the platform. You can access all the advanced tools without logging in on this platform. For the same reason, it is the most secure platform to access these services.

It is preferred by more than a million users for its security and reliability. The platform works with encryption that protects you from all third-party attacks.

We will share the People Search and Address Lookup services of this platform to discuss how you can use them online.


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People Search

people search

People Search is a web-based tool that allows you to find information related to individuals online. This tool is known for its advanced service to find information in a few seconds. Usually, a people search works similar to a search engine to provide reliable information. However, platforms like CocoFinder made some improvements that provide information with some reliable reports. 

These reports are generated after processing your search query. Thus, you can rely on this information to get data from credible sources.

If you want to use this solution, we have a guide to help you out.

How to Use CocoFinder’s People Search?

Follow these easy steps to access and use the People Search feature of this platform.

Step1: Visit CocoFinder’s Website

The first step is to visit CocoFinder’s website on a web browser. We recommend using a safe web browser that does not record your activities. Enter the URL of this website or find it with a Google search easily.

Step2: Access People Search

On its homepage, you need to click on the People Search option. It will redirect to a new page where you can enter the first name, last name, and the area where the person resides. After verifying the information, click on the search button and wait for the website to find the information.

The search time depends on the query and the available information. Thus, wait for some time before you get to the next step.

Step3: Find Information

After completing the search, this tool will share a detailed report with you. This report is divided into different sections including current residents, criminal records, address, age, contact details, and other information of that individual. Therefore, we recommend you access the complete report to find more information.

If you click on the section title, you will get a sub-report with additional information. It helps you focus on the section that concerns your query.

It was the complete process of using this tool. The best part is that the tool is completely free and requires no technical knowledge to work. 

Now let’s have a look at the Address Lookup feature and understand how it works.

Address Lookup

reverse address lookup

Here is the second most popular feature that we will discuss today. Address Lookup is mainly used to find details related to an address or property. However, the report generated through this tool is way more detailed and you can find property details, its owner details, and the neighborhood details in it.

It is helpful when you need to know about a property without visiting it. You will find some insightful information like the square footage of the property, tax and mortgage information, who owns that place, and the average cost of property in that area.

Therefore, it is considered the most reliable tool to research before dealing with a property. The tool is so advanced that you can use it to find if any criminal sex offender is living in that area.

How to Use CocoFinder’s Address Lookup?

Here are some easy steps to use this tool for free.

Step1: Visit CocoFinder’s Website

Just like you did in the above guide, you need to access CocoFinder’s website to use its services. Make sure to use an updated browser as the complete process takes place on your web browser only.

Step2: Access Address Lookup

You will find an Address Lookup option on the homepage of this website. Click on the button and wait for it to redirect you to its service page on a web browser window. Close the previous window and enter the complete address in the provided section.

Hit the search button and wait for the search to complete.

Step3: Find Information

The last step is to open the address lookup report and find information. As we mentioned earlier, the report includes three main sections- Property details, Owner’s details, and Neighborhood details. You can check these sections and get as much information as you need.

After using the solution, you can close the tab and leave the website without worrying about your privacy.

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Final Words

Address lookup and People search are both important tools to find public information. Here we covered the easiest way to access both these tools on a single platform. You can also try CocoFinder’s services for free, and get an advanced way to find information. 

The platform is completely free to use and requires no technical knowledge to work. It is similar to the search engines that you use every day.

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