5 Amazing Android Secrets, Tips And Tricks Every ANDROID User Must Know – 2021

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Android phones are multi-faceted. They are fancy with many features and functionalities. There are apps for almost everything you want and need. Android phones are also more open for multiple applications and exclusive use as compared to iPhones who aren’t compatible with all the apps in the world.

Therefore, with ranging demand for Android phones and the development of applications and opportunities for almost everything, there has been a demand for spy applications. Our addiction to our Android phones is likely, but when it starts to mess with our relationships, then it becomes a problem.

You’d be surprised to know that because of this one reason for phone addiction, spy applications have proliferated. All major technological players have invested in spy application development because of the sudden rage they have become. 

But, despite the cut-throat competition, there are some truly genuine applications that claim what they deliver and deliver what they claim. Let’s read about the top 5 spy applications that can make you see through anyone’s Android phone activity:

1- Minspy

Minspy is a web based spy app. The app has also been praised by a lot of technological prime critiques. This app has superb features and very safe conduct. You can spy on your children’s online behaviour or catch a cheater, all under one application.

Minspy can show you the real picture of the state of affairs. It offers no false claims or shattered promises, just blatant truth. You can see every important engagement done on the target phone. 


Stealth Mode

Minspy has a stealth mode that allows you to maintain a hidden mode in your spying. You wouldn’t get caught when checking the keystrokes of an Android user. So, you can real-time have access into someone’s system and responses and they would have no clue.

No Jailbreaking or Rooting

Minspy does not seek you to root all the time through the target phone. It also keeps requirements at the minimum. For Android, there is only one time required to install the app on the target phone. The app can immediately be hidden and vanish from its existence on the phone.

Therefore, Minspy has been designed in a way that it only weighs 3 MB. It makes the app easier to be hidden. Direct rooting is something no Android application can do as Android’s services do not allow for it. But, Minspy’s solution is still full proof.

Key Features

Minspy’s functionalities are not restricted to any particular function. There is a lot you can do with this app. You can have a holistic and realistic picture of someone’s cell phone. You can see all the engagements in a very real-time manner.

You can see all their interactions, social media engagements, deleted and drafted texts, emails and even app library. The keylogger feature even allows you to see the things that they typed but didn’t send. Probably changed their mind, yes you can even see that happening.

minspy keylogger details


Minspy’s a very reliable name in the spy industry. Spying can be risky and you can’t just decide on a spy application with the cheapest price. The standing of the application, the reputation, the conduct, history and safety all have to be taken into account.

Minspy offers all that and more. It is not just any spy app with basic spy features, it offers a lot of performance leverage to its users. The application also has many impeccable packages and plans to choose from. 

The monthly plans have been designed to offer economy of scale and performance to the Minspy user. No Minspy user has even raised a suspicion in the mind of the phone user who’s the phone they have been spying on.

There are many players, but Minspy tops the leaderboard because of its user-centric database, interface and services. They don’t even intend to risk the user details so they don’t even ask for it. Minspy asks for minimum information and provides a plethora of details about the target phone. 

2- Spyier

Spyier is another Android application that is very user-friendly. The stealth mode it works on makes it efficiently clandestine on the iPhone. The security it renders has made it popular with many trusted users for a long time. 

Every spy act like Message, iMessage, Email and Note monitoring is possible with Spyier. It also allows discovering the GPS location of the user. Media files, including social media, can be accessed. 


3- Spyine

Spyine is an efficient spy application and does not require rooting through the target device. Jailbreaking leads to a compromise with the integrity of the phone. Therefore, Spyine is also very safe. Further, it has a very good monitoring interface that makes people at ease while spying. 


4- Spyic

Spyic has a large fan base and is a good spying alternative for Android phones. The interface it offers is easy to use even for first timers into technology or spy apps. There is no rooting or jailbreaking required even in Spyic. 

There is more anonymity and more access to details. Therefore, it makes it to the most coveted list of spy applications and offers great tricks for spying. 


5- Neatspy

Neatspy is also an immensely popular choice as an impeccable spy application. It has a remarkable interface that makes users comfortable and at ease. The anonymity is maintained and the data security is retained.

Users can spy without being worried about getting caught. It also has developed a great repute in the spy app industry because of its customer service.



While there are so many alternatives, you can’t rely on a name better than Minspy. This one web-based spy application is setting spying benchmarks all the way. It is winning the hearts of spy app users with its convenience.

Many satisfied parents and convinced partners have relied on the services offered by Minspy. Therefore, without a doubt, the patronage for Minspy only sees an upward trend.

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