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How to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software for Beginners

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iPhones are an expensive piece of gadgetry. They marinate in their super-secure features, classy exterior and well-designed interiors. After paying so much money to buy an iPhone, users seem that it is impossible to hack into an iPhone. 

The iPhone is a device so sophisticated that it has become a symbol of sophistication and classiness. It might come forward as a surprise to you that iPhones are immensely easy to hack into. Yes, it practically takes no time to hack into an iPhone.  

So, if you’ve been wondering how to spy on iPhone, you will be surprised at the super simple methodology provided in this article. As you would know, with growing complications in relationships, spy applications have become quite a rage.  

While there are spy applications in abundance that serve the purpose of spying on an iPhone, ClickFree can be trusted as the best spy application. It not only functions better than other apps but totally smashes the competition into unrepairable pieces. Let’s know more about this superb application.

All about ClickFree 

Honestly, the question should be what ClickFree cannot do as a spy application? ClickFree can do everything and more that is expected out of a spy application. It allows holistic and comprehensive spying. 

The web-based application allows its users to practically clone the iPhone they intend on spying. There is no way the iPhone user can find out that their device is being spied into. Doesn’t it seem too good to be true? But wait, it’s even better!

You can spy on an iPhone totally remotely with ClickFree. You would require minimal information and least efforts. You don’t have a requirement for the iPhone or the user. The target iPhone user might be in another country or continent, and you can be able to access their iPhone and know all about them.


There are many big competitors that allow spying on an iPhone, but most are laden with malware and annoying robot verifications. ClickFree is simple, phishing tools less and superb. Further, there are many other functions that make ClickFree utterly desirable:



When spying, one’s focus is definitely on not getting caught while engaging in spying. ClickFree understands this user emotion and vouches to protect the interest and integrity of its users. A ClickFree user never gets caught or traced while in the process of spying. 

When all applications are so deeply connected, most of us get alerts even if some of our back up emails are seeing any suspicious activities. This makes spy app users apprehensive. But, with ClickFree, no pings are generated, no messages or the slightest of hunch that the iPhone might be spied on. 

how to spy iphone

As a matter of fact, the anonymity of the users is also maintained. ClickFree only seeks necessary information and does not engage in unnecessary disclosure or seeking of information. 

No Jailbreaking or Rooting Requirement

Almost all spy apps require users to jailbreak or root through the target phone. ClickFree does not pose any such requirement. In fact, in the case of the iPhone, ClickFree ensures completely remote access and no mobile interface at all. 


Amidst all the features that ClickFree provides, the keylogger is definitely an excellent functionality. Keylogging allows the users to see major keystrokes made by the iPhone user. You can view any started and unfinished business as well. 

How to Spy on iPhone without Installing Software for Beginners

iPhones might be expensive and pose security features but they are easiest to break into, that too without any rooting or jailbreaking. With ClickFree, in a matter of a few flimsy minutes, you can attain access into someone’s iPhone, and spy in a wholesome manner. 

Let us understand the procedures of ensuring how to connect ClickFree with an iPhone: 

Firstly, as a first time user, you need to register on ClickFree’s web-based app with your email ID. 

As and when you register, you will need to choose a monthly plan. You can select a plan that suits you best within the range of very many engaging and cost-efficient plans that ClickFree has to offer. You can pay for the plan you select.  

After you have selected and paid for the monthly plan of your willingness, you will receive an email with the setup link for installation. The setup procedure will be quick and self-explanatory all you need to do is just follow. The set up will be done in a few minutes.

After this, you need to sign in and the app will then seek a target platform from you, and that is when you will choose, ‘iOS’. 

When ‘iOS’ is chosen as a target platform, the next and final step for linking the iPhone with ClickFree is to enter the iCloud Credentials. You need to enter the iCloud credentials and nothing else. This would ensure to establish the link. 

Once you enter the iCloud ID and password, ClickFree will link with the target iPhone almost instantaneously. You can hack into an iPhone in the above mentioned super easy steps. You will practically be able to clone the stated iPhone.


ClickFree can be trusted as a reliable and coveted name in the spy industry, especially because of its growing patronage and raving reviews. The application has a fan base that is only proliferating each passing day. 

It is the most malware-free answer to how to spy on the iPhone. As a matter of fact, the ease of breaking into an iPhone is inversely proportional to the price you end up paying for it. With minimal efforts, you can attain your key to holistic spying.

iPhone owners are usually under the perception that they own a superior gadget but when it comes to breaking into them from ClickFree, it is the simplest. You do not have to be a technological expert or ardent spy user to understand and operate ClickFree.

The application has been designed in a way that even first-time spy app users can feel at ease with the application. So, try ClickFree and you would be in awe of the super prompt services it offers. 

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