How to Make Christmas Cards Using a Video Editor?

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Christmas celebrates the birth of Christ. Every year, billions of Christians and non-Christians alike celebrate Christmas. Christmas strengthens bonds, and you can look past differences, making a fresh start.

Christmas greetings help people realize that you are thinking about them. Since Christmas is more about gifting, cards are popular and convey a lot more than formal oral greetings.

You can do something new for your family by making innovative Christmas cards using a video editor. These will help the gifts be personalized and will be appreciated by all.

How to Create a Christmas Card Online

There are few steps to follow to create an online Christmas card. A Christmas card uses images, text, video, and music to communicate the greetings for the Christmas season.

Firstly, you require photos and videos that you can use for the Christmas card. Secondly, you need to select a piece of background music to spread the cheer. Finally, you need text to convey the Christmas wishes in a fun and personalized manner.

While these are just the ingredients, you need a tool to combine them in a presentable manner. You need the best free video editor to convert them into a properly made Christmas card.

An online video editor has templates and Christmas themes specially designed for keeping the festival in mind. You can easily customize it, and spread the joy and memories of childhood nostalgia with old Christmas photos. If you do not have the necessary pictures for the event, you can find some images on the video editor for the occasion.

Video editors also have a very extensive library of video e-cards to help you out in creating an online Christmas card. You can easily change the color and add transitions and animations to the video, as well as video and audio effects to create a stunning Christmas e-card.

After editing the video and reviewing it, you can publish it. You can send it to your friends, relatives, and family via many different platforms. Do not hesitate to make the video as exciting as you like.

Must-Have Features of a Video Editor for Creating Christmas e-Cards

To create a Christmas card online, a video editor must have the following features:

• It must be able to work with images, music, sound, and text in one platform and support all formats.

• It is necessary to have a timeline to create videos and edit them in real-time from keyframes.

• It must be user friendly.

• The online video editor must have customizable templates and Christmas themes to help in creating more authentic Christmas cards.

• It must have an extensive gallery of Christmas images, photos, and videos to assist users in creating video cards online.

• You should be able to insert self-made pictures, music, and narration to the video.

• The video editor must contain basic final editing operations like trim, split, and merge.

• The video editor must have transition and animation effects like snowfall.

• The video editor must-have audio effects like applause, bells and laughter, and audio editing tools.

• The video editor must be able to produce suitable text styles for wishes and messages.

• The video editor must be able to publish the video in a universal format.

• It must seamlessly share the video across various internet channels.

Why are e-Cards Better Than Traditional Cards?

Traditional cards were a great idea once upon a time. They changed the way of greeting from a courteous oral way to a more refined form with written wishes and pictures. However, we have transformed technologically, and in today’s date, they have lost their usefulness.

how to make christmas card using video editor

It is not convenient to buy traditional Christmas cards suited for every single person in mind, especially if you have a huge list. Moreover, it is tough to customize cards on a more personal level. Traditional cards, unlike e-cards, can run out of stock, and finding the right card in the cold can be a lot of trouble.

E-cards can save you from a lot of hassle. It is a game-changer in the way of communicating greetings and Christmas wishes. In its place, free christmas e-cards can spread the joy and excitement of the season in a way like no other.

E-Cards are Environment-Friendly

Traditional Christmas cards require the felling of countless trees to create paper. Moreover, littering of cards causes soil pollution, as well as ruin the aesthetic beauty. On the other hand, e-cards are environment-friendly.

E-Cards are Cheaper

Christmas is an expensive festive season, and having friends and family come over will increase costs. Moreover, buying gifts can increase costs. Saving some money can be extremely helpful, and you can use it to gift other useful things.

Unlike traditional paper cards, e-cards do not need any physical items to manufacture. Hence, they are cheaper. Add postage costs to the cards, and you will have a huge expenditure, which can be used in better ways.

Instant Delivery

Unlike traditional cards that have to go through the postal system to reach its destination, e-cards are more efficient. After creating a Christmas card, you can send it easily through a lot of social media platforms.

Christmas e-Cards are More Interactive

You may customize Christmas cards with text, music, pictures, slideshow, and even video. You can post personalized photos and videos wishing your friends and family a Merry Christmas. It is also a straightforward way to create a bunch of duplicate e-cards for an entire organization.

Christmas e-Cards Can Help With Marketing

People are less likely to view text-based mail. You can use an online Christmas video e-card, accompanied by an offer to promote your business.


Accompanied by Christmas carols & gifts, Christmas is a symbol of hope, wonder, surprises, & joy. What better way to greet than by an interactive Christmas video card? These cards can be used to spread happiness across your social circle.

So, go ahead and get a video editor to start planning artistic cards for the upcoming Christmas season. You will not regret this transition.

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