How Will 5G Improve Gaming?

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The rollout of 5G has been fairly anticlimactic. Rather than an overnight improvement of the internet around the world, we have seen some areas improve their coverage and others still awaiting the increased connectivity. But once it is everywhere, 5G will gradually change how we see gaming and how we engage with certain aspects of the entertainment industry. But just how will 5G improve gaming?

The main benefits for gaming when using 5G are the low latency and faster download capabilities. Lower latency means that there will be less lag. Those who play games that require multiplayer cooperation, especially those which require fast responses, understand how damaging lag and latency can be to a gamer. Moreover, faster downloads mean that information can be transferred more quickly. Uploads may also be faster, which could benefit those who aim to game professionally on platforms such as Twitch.

As the options for mobile casino games show, many of these are designed to be played on the go. So, they would benefit from 5G technology that reduces the lag and improves the information exchange. For instance, some of these games are live variants of classic casino games. They, therefore, require real-time communication so the player can see the dealer in front of them. Being connected to 5G reduces the latency and means that there is less chance of the game cutting out and a better overall experience.

5G also has promises for those who want to play games professionally. For instance, Verizon and Twitch teamed up in 2020 to see how 5G could improve gaming experiences. Their lips are sealed, and their ideas closely guarded but they hinted that something ‘more exciting’ could be developed when using 5G for gaming. Twitch has already had a hand in changing how we consider gaming, so the 5G element could further provide opportunities for enhancing this.

Another possibility is that 5G may enhance gaming participation in areas where existing internet connections are unpredictable or lackluster. If Wi-Fi can’t handle the demands of competitive gamers, 5G most certainly will be able to. One of the main barriers to competitive gaming and increasing those who like to game on smartphones comes from this unreliable internet connection. Using 5G for devices, including mobiles, could result in more people engaging. Indeed, Netflix in India has developed a package for those who only want to watch on their smartphones.

However, there are small pockets of resistance to 5G. Most notable are those who dislike the appearance of 5G towers, which allow people to engage with the technology. Some suggest the 5G towers are eyesores, while others understand they are no more distracting than a telegraph pole or streetlight. Nevertheless, the resistance to 5G is largely unserious and once the benefits are understood and discovered, most people will understand why the towers are needed.

5G holds a lot of promise for gaming. While it may not have been deployed everywhere yet, the plans to launch 5G in more metropolitan areas and even in some more remote ones means that everyone can benefit from the future of internet technology.

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