How to Find Out If Your Girlfriend Is Cheating On You

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They say that if a lady cheats on you, it’s hard to get them. Well, that’s the truth until you find a way to tap her phone. She may be a pro in hiding things from you, but her phone can tell you everything.

Dealing with a cheating partner is unbearable, especially on the men’s side. However, you can’t deal with it if you don’t know the truth or something to use. We will show you a way to get her cheating activities while she least expects it.

To get it done, you only need a few of her phone requirements and the internet. This blog may take about 10 minutes to read, but you will need less than that to execute the information.

Part 1: Find the Cheating Ways using Spyine

Long ago, you couldn’t depend on an app to answer the worrying questions about your girl. Now, some apps can guide you toward making the right decision. One of them is Spyine, which is a major monitoring tool being used across the globe.

Now, what’s the deal with finding if the lady is a cheater or not? Spyine only needs you to use it once on her phone and then wait for the results remotely. To get there, you need some basics first.

Spyine is a cross-platform application that works on both Android and iOS devices. It does not need any rooting or jailbreaking due to the presence of cutting-edge technologies. That means you don’t need to compromise your girlfriend’s phone in any way.

spyine homepage

How you use it will depend on what she uses. If you are chasing an Android, then a one-time installation is essential after creating an account. For iOS, there will be no installation since Spyine can use her iCloud credentials.

On both phone platforms, she will never discover what you have used on her phone. It uses the stealth mode to make sure that the icon is not visible on her phone. So apart from no phone alteration, there will be nothing for your girlfriend to see.

Once you get it on her phone, you will now depend on your online account for the results. You will silently see all the updates from the calls made to what she is typing on the phone. Spyine shows how to hack the girlfriend’s phone to see text messages, among other things.

That is why you should visit the main website for more information. Here is a highlight of what you will see on your dashboard.

Part 2: What Spyine will Show about Your Girlfriend

  • All the calls she makes or receives. You will get the contacts of those involved and the timestamps too.
  • All the sent and received messages. There will also be the contacts, timestamps, and attached files, if any. In iPhones, you will also get the deleted iMessages.
  • All the saved contacts.
  • Real-time location of the phone and the previously visited places
  • Geofencing alerts if your girlfriend goes to places she shouldn’t
  • The whole browsing history
  • Social media activities from all the platforms in use
  • Stored photos and videos
  • Third-party installed applications
  • SIM Card details and location
  • Calendar notes
  • All the keylogger reports from everything she types on the phone

That is a glimpse of 30 features that you will see on your control panel. You can view them all on a user-friendly panel that works with all browsers. So, after the setup, you can use any smartphone, tablet, or computer to view her activities.

That’s how convenient this application is. As you view what she is doing, Spyine will protect both of you from external attacks. Online is a dangerous place, and the app’s team is aware of that.

To protect you, Spyine syncs the information to your account when you log in. There is nothing stored in its cloud if you are logged out. That is how it makes sure you are the only one viewing if your girlfriend is cheating or not.

Part 3: How to Find If Your Girlfriend is Cheating Using Spyine


  1. Make sure she uses Android 4.0 and above or iOS 7.0 or later.
  2. Reliable internet connection
  3. A working email address

Steps to Find Out

Step 1: Visit the Spyine website and register an account there. Next, choose your girlfriend’s phone OS and then pay for one of the suitable plans.

spyine sign up

Step 2: After the payment, you will get a confirmation email with the login details, instructions, and the receipt.

Step 3: If she uses an Android, use the emailed link to install Spyine once on her phone. To make sure it’s invisible, activate the stealth mode and then finish up the installation.

spyine finish installation

Step 4: For iOS, log into your account and verify your girlfriend’s iCloud credentials. Next, select the phone she is using and wait for the Spyine and iCloud syncing.

spyine select device

Step 5: When you finally get back to your account, there will be a dashboard with features on the left part. The bigger right section will have the phone’s summary.

spyine dashboard

To find out if she is cheating or not, use the links on the left part to view the information.


Spyine is an app that you can use on your girl’s phone without her knowledge. It will collect everything you need and show it to you remotely. For her, everything will be fine since there is nothing to show on her end.

When it’s time to uninstall, Spyine offers you a way out in your account. There is a one-time uninstallation button that you can use to get rid of the app without touching her phone.

If she has been faithful all along, then you can retrieve your mechanisms without raising eyebrows. Now, it’s time for you to use it on your lady to find out if she is cheating or not. When the prior is true, it’s advisable to solve the situation amicably.

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